Purpose of Ada-Sweden


Ada-Sweden is an association of people and companies that are interested in the development and future of the programming language Ada.


The activities organised by Ada-Sweden include seminars and courses, often with invited international lecturers.


Ada-Sweden also gives active support to promote Ada usage in the education at universities and colleges, such as the competition for best degree thesis set up in association with SESAM.


Financing for these activities is contributed by our sponsors and by our members through membership fees.


As a member of Ada-Sweden and thereby a member of Ada-Europe you will receive our quarterly newsletter. You will also be eligible for reduced fees at conferences and courses organized by Ada-Sweden, Ada-Europe and SIG-Ada in US.


Sponsors of Ada-Sweden:

How to join Ada-Sweden:


Send an e-mail to Rei Stråhle:

rei at ada dash sweden dot org

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